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Road Cases built to your specifications


When you need to protect your high value instruments from airline and truck transportation hazards, quality is key. Princeton Cases holds itself to the highest standards for every custom case. Our custom Road cases are rugged and functional, built for years of use. Using double channel aluminum angle, heavy-duty zinc plated steel corner protectors, the highest quality of hardware, and recessed latches and handles, our cases meet all ATA (Air Transport Association) specifications. We are meticulous about making practical, efficient, and protective Road cases to ensure the safety of your valuables.


Our Road cases can be made from several different thicknesses of plywood to meet your strength requirements and can have many different colors laminated to the exterior to give you the right look for your products. 


Road Case Features

  • 1/4", 3/8" 1/2" ACX plywood

  • Lightweight XLT Polypropylene (some size & weight restrictions)

  • ABS plastic, aluminum or fiberglass exterior laminate

  • Full-length steel piano hinge or removable cover(s)

  • Aluminum edging and Tongue-in-groove valance

  • Recessed handles and latches (size permitting)

  • Steel ball corners (size permitting)

  • Split steel rivet construction

Telescope handle Road Case.jpg
Scope Road Case.jpg
Road Case Red Blue.jpg
Shaggy Phone Pics 937.jpg
ATA Road Case PCW.jpg
ATA Cases.jpg
Contact us today to discuss your Road Case needs (805)-928-8840
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